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Chi OS

This trait drops from the OOAK Chi coat. Passes ✓

District Cream OS

Passes ✓

Valentines 2023

This trait is part of the Valentines 2023 L.E. Furb. Does NOT pass ╳

Minchy OOAK

The ORIGINAL Minchy OOAK. This was made for Desi Tyran, in 2022 as a one-of-a-kind coat. This coat doesn't pass, but does drop passable Offspring versons. Does NOT pass ╳


This body is part of the Felix coat. It drops from the Firestorm L.E. 2022 furbs and is a rare-drop. Passes ✓


Molten - This coat passes from the Firestorm 2022 L.E. Birthday furbs after converting to breedable with the Teulu Breedables Furbs Firestorm Breedable potion. Passes ✓

Firestorm L.E. Birthday 2022

Does NOT pass ╳

OS Minchy

Passes ✓

Digital Bumps

Passes ✓


Passes ✓


Passes ✓

Trooping The Colour

Passes ✓


Does NOT pass ╳

Furb ChocolateEgg

Passes ✓

World Peace

Passes ✓
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