Welcome to the user guide for TeuluBreedables Bucket-o-feed and AppleFloss.

For brevity,  the following terms in this guide are used:

  • consumable – This means either AppleFloss, or Bucket-o-Feed.

All Teulu breedable pets require feed to avoid sickness,  and AppleFloss to gain and maintain fervor.

Both floss and feed have options to change appearance and who can consume from them.

To set these,  Click on the consumable to bring up the main menu, which looks like this:

The buttons explained:

  • FloatText ON – Enables the floating text above the consumable, showing amount remaining as a percentage,  and what the access mode is set to.
  • FloatText OFF – Disables the float text.
  • Style – Brings up the style menu,  containing the available styles and designs for the consumable
  • Owner – Sets the access mode to Owner-only.  Only teulu pets owned by you can consume this food.
  • Group – Sets the access mode to Group-only.   Any Teulu pet rezzed under the same group as the consumable can consume it,  reguardless of owner.
  • All – Sets the access mode to All.  Any Teulu pet can feed from it regardless of owner,  or rez-group.

With the exception of Style,  clicking any button here will take immediate effect.

Clicking the Style button brings up the following menu:

For bucket-o-feed:

For AppleFloss:

Pink,  Neutral and Blue are design textures,  based on a colour theme.  Clicking these will change the design texture relevent to the selected or current style.

The rest of the buttons are Style meshes.  Clicking any of the options here will either change the design texture,  or mesh style accordingly.   Changing the mesh style will also change the texture,  based on the current design selected.

When any option here is clicked,  The changes will be applied immediately and be announced to the owner only, in local chat window for confirmation.