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Welcome to Teulu Breedables

Welcome to Teulu Breedables!   Home of Teulu Animesh Furbs and Horses!  Take a wander around the site,  and click HERE to find us in-world!

The Latest Limited Editions Celebrated the Coronation of King Charles III.  There are LE Horses Furbs and Dogs, This LE also introduced the Shire horse to Teulu Breedables.

The story behind Teulu

Whilst travelling through the forests of Cymru, Furbella came across a glade, peering through the shrubbery She spied a group of wild Horses. “Wild!!!! We were absolutely Livid” exclaimed one of the horses, {for Furbella speaks horseneese} “, we were in the middle of our annual summer ball”.

Furbella spent the next few years getting to know these fantastical horses, gaining their trust and learning that groups of the horses lived in Teulu (or Family) groups. She became so trusted by one of the Teulu groups they made her part of the Family. After many years rising to become the Head of the Teulu.

But Furbella longed to return to her own lands, and She explained that one day soon she must return to her own Teulu on the far reaches of Cymru. Needless to say the Horses within her family could not be parted from her and joined her on her return journey.

Over the years Furbellas Teulu grew and some went to join other families. The horses from this original family can now be found all over this land happily living with their Human carers, but each still retains the Family traits of the original Teulu.

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