Teulu Breedables F.A.Q

We are still moving over, and as such the help section is not yet complete. We will be adding to this over time, but in the mean time please lodge a ticket via our in world terminals at any of our stores. Click HERE to view our store list. Thank you for your understanding <3


For the purposes of this Help document, the following terms are used, and are described as follows:

Bundle aka. HorseRocker, BabyFurbPack, or Puppy-box. This term refers to the package that newborns arrive inworld as. They are rezzed by the mother at time of birth, and contain your new baby Furb, Horse or Dog in-stasis, ready to birth at will.

Live pet aka Furb, Horse or Dog: The animal itself during its Breedable/Retired/non-petted state.

Forever-Pet aka Furb, Horse or Dog: The animal itself after being petted using the Forever-Pet potion. These animals forfeit the need to be fed, and can no longer be bred.

Retired Pet aka Furb, Horse or Dog: A Live-Pet that is beyond its natural breeding age. These can no longer be bred, but still need feeding.

Petting: The act of converting your Live Pet into a Forever Pet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q : How do I birth my Bundle?

A : You touch your basket/rocker. A menu shows up in right top corner click birth and let it finish birthing this can take few minutes so wait until its set on the ground.

Q : What age do they start to breed?

A : They start breeding from age of 7 days but you have to put out AppleFloss from day 7 so they can start heat rising.

Q : How long does Heat/Fervor take?

A : They take 32 hours so your Furb/Horse is ready to get pregnant from day 8 and a half 🙂

Q : How long are they pregnant for?

A : They are pregnant for 3 days (72 hours) from the moment of conception.

Q : How long is recovery time for male?

A : Males have no recovery time, they just building Fervor again. This takes around 32 hours.

Q : How long is it for female recovery from Birth?

A : It takes the female 32 hrs or 2.5 days to recover from birth and then another 32 hours for the heat to rise for breeding.

Q : What is the best range setting?

A : We recommend a minimum range of 15 meters.

Q : Why has my Live/Retired Pet got sick?

A : It is most likely you have run out of food or you have not set range correctly (please make sure food is in same group as Furb/Horse/Dog also and as land)

Q : How do I heal my sick Live/Retired Pet?

A : We have vet potions for you to heal your Furbs/Horses/Dogs, Located at main store or one of affiliate vendor areas.

Q : What should I do if my Live Pet is frozen?

A : First please try rerezzing the Furb/Horse. If still frozen Contact a CSR which you can do in store using out ticket system and they will contact you and they will be happy to fix it for you.

Q : What do i do if my Live/Retired Pet menu don’t show up?

A : First try rerezzing the Furb/Horse. More than likely if your Furb/Horse is sick you need to check food if you’ve run out you need to buy more and buy a vet potion to fix it. IF that doesn’t work Contact a CSR which you can do in store using out ticket system and they will contact you and they will be happy to fix it for.

Q : What do i do my Live Pet is stuck at 99 pregnancy is it going to lose my baby?

A : No if you send your Live Pet into CSR they will be able to fix it for you and return your Live Pet back 99% Pregnant, or Mother and the new-born as a Bundle together, should the Mother give birth during the fixing process.

Q : What should I do if my Live Pet gives me a Bundle which has no stats and says SUCCESS?

A : Put the basket in to a folder with your name on it along with the date and you can request CSR in Group or put ticket in store if your female has already started pregnancy recovery but please put your details on a notecard plus the parents stats (Mother’s and Father’s Pedigree links will suffice). Place the notecard in the box with your broken Bundle.

Q : What is the gender(sex) distribution of pets?

A : There is a 2 in 3 chance of a pet being born Female, and a 1 in 3 chance of being born Male.

Q : What is passion potion used for?

A : It is used to raise Fervor/Heat by the given percentage stated on the potion, Leading to being ready-to-breed sooner.

Q : What is pregnancy potion used for?

A : As with the passion booster, But for pregnancy. This leads to a shorter pregnancy duration, If you’d like to see your new-born pets sooner.

Q : What is hunger potion used for?

A : As with pregnancy and passion, but for Hunger. If your Live-Pet is getting a bit too hungry or close to sickness, the Hunger potion will reduce hunger, and increase health immediately, Giving you more time to restock feed.

Q : Can I breed siblings together?

A : Yes you can breed pet siblings and relatives together for example : Mother & son , Father & Daughter and Brothers & sisters. Be aware however that any undesirable traits in the lineage will be amplified in chance of them passing on, so plan your breeding wisely, eliminating any undesirable traits from the breed-line.

Q : What age do they breed until?

A : They breed until they reach 101 days old. They can breed on the 100th day, but not beyond that. Live-Pets that get pregnant within the retirement time-frame will continue their pregnancy and stop breeding once they give birth.

Q : Can I pet my Live-Pet once it has retired?

A : Yes you can by using our Forever-Pet potion for your specific pet available in our stores. Please note the Forever-Pet potions are NOT cross-compatible.

Q : What is Angeled?

A : Angeled is when you send your Live/Forever-Pet to heaven but please note once this is done you can not retrieve it back so make sure before you agree. You will receive 100 basic points and then depending on the age and traits you will then get extra bonus points on top 🙂 ALL Teulu Pets, be they Live/Forever-Pet can be Angeled.

Q : What can is use my Angel points for?

A : You can buy any of the items we have in store on the Angel-Points vendors except the Live-Pet packs , so on our Angel vendor we have Food, Candy floss and potions, also Angel pets where available.

Q : How do I know how many Angel points I have?

A : We have angel vendors in our store all you have to do is click it and it will tell you in local what points you have gained, if you wish to purchase from the vendor using your points then select the item you wish to purchase and once this is done your item will be sent directly to you and then will give your balance remaining. Your points balance is separate for each type of Live-Pet (eg. Furb, horse or dog). The balance of each can also be viewed on the HUD for that type of pet (Updated every minute when attached).

Q : What are the traits that can be given?

A : We have a wide variety of traits for each pet, Some can be passed on to offspring, whilst others are Limited-Edition, One-Of-A-Kind (OOAK), or Collectable, These latter 3 types do NOT pass to any but the original pet that got the trait. The traits pages will tell you which ones pass and which do not.

Q : Where can I purchase consumables?

A : Consumables can be purchased at our main-stores or from any participating affiliate companies and stores. for list of breedable sims please ask a member of staff, or check our Affiliates page on this site (available via the main menu at the top of this site).

Q : Is the update necessary?

A : Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Also yes. When an an update is released, We reserve the right to cease support for older-version pets, in order to maintain system security, stability, integrity, etc. However we WILL notify all users via our messenger system in advance to give fair warning.

Q : How long does the Food last?

A : The food will last 1 Live/Retired-Pet for 4 weeks. Each pet seeks feed in its range and “latches” onto the first one it finds, rescanning every so often, so you may find feed runs out quicker or slower in some areas than others, depending on how many latch onto it. this is normal behaviour. Even distribution of feed should balance it out.

Q : How long does the AppleFloss last?

Floss lasts longer than feed, as it is not consumed all the time, only when Live-Pets need to build further. However the same rules re. latching and longevity as feed applies.

Q : If I rez out AppleFloss when I birthed my Live-Pet will it eat the AppleFloss right away?

A : No. Live-Pets do NOT consume AppleFloss until they reach adulthood (7 days old). AppleFloss will be consumed from age 7 onwards until 100% Fervor is reached, then once it drops again.

Q : Does Fervor drop once it reaches 100%?

A : Yes, but slowly. If you have AppleFloss in range, it will hover between 97% and 100% until AppleFloss runs out, then it will drop.

Q : Can I create an auto-rezzer to rez feed and floss automatically with settings pre-applied?

A : Yes,   And we have developed an API into our feeds and flosses for that purpose.  You can read a short article explaining how it works HERE