What Is The Hud For?


Your TeuluBreedables Pet HUD allows you to register for this portal, and check your Angel-Points for the species that you own.  Each pet type (Furb, Dog, Horse, etc) has its own HUD for that species.   Your HUD also allows you to set global settings for all pets of the same species that you own in the region you are in.


How Do I Use The HUD?

First off,   Obtain the HUD from your pet.   To do this,  click on your pet,  and when the menu pops up,  choose “Avatar”.   A second menu will pop up,  click “Get HUD”.  You pet will then give you a copy of the HUD.   Double-click on the HUD in your inventory to attach it.


The Main Menu

When you click on the HUD,  the main menu appears.  You have two options on this menu:  Portal Login,  or Global Settings.
Clicking on portal login will give you the web-link to log into the Portal (this site)
Clicking on Global Settings will take you to the Global Settings main menu.


Global Settings Main Menu

The Global Settings main menu will appear.   There are several categories in this menu – clicking on one will take you to the options for that category.


Feed/Floss Menu

From here you can control basic access and float-text appearance of all your feeds and flosses in your region.
Settings applied here on the HUD will affect ALL feed and floss you own, changing them to use the same settings.
  • Owner:   Sets feed and floss to only give feed or floss to pets owned by you.  No one else may consume it.
  • Group:  Sets feed and floss to give to your pets, and any rezzed under the same group as the feed or floss.  Ideal for family regions or rentals where you might want to include feed and floss as part of the rent.
  • All:   Use with caution.  Sets feed and floss to be consumed by any and all pets regardless of owner or group.
  • Float-Text:   Turns feed or floss float text on or off.
  • Apply:   Once you are sure you’ve got the settings how you want them,  click Apply to send these settings to all the feed/floss you own on your region.

Rocker/BabyFurbPack/Puppy-Box Menu

This menu has one or two options,  depending on what type of pet the HUD is for

For BabyFurbPacks and Puppy-Boxes,  The following option is the only available one:


  • Float-Text – This toggles the float text on or off.
For Horses,  there is also a second option:
  • Rocking – This toggles the rocking animation on or off.
When you have set the settings as you want them,  click “Apply” to apply the changes.

Pet Menu

The following options are available in the Pet menu:
  • Range – Clicking this will bring up the Range dialog box.  Type in the range you desire your pet to search for feed, floss and breeding partners in this window.
  • Float-text – This brings up a second menu containing Set Text Colour and Toggle options.   Clicking Set Text Colour will give you a selection of colour choices to use.  Clicking Toggle toggles the float text on or off.
  • Walk – Toggles the ability of the pet to wander around or not.
  • Animations – Toggles Idle-only and fully animated modes.   The former option uses more sedate animation,  occasional head nodding,  maybe a swish of the tail.   The latter option uses livelier animations.
  • Set Home – Clicking this causes all pets to set their current home position to wherever they are now.
  • Go Home – Clicking this causes all pets to move to their home positions.
  • Talkative – Toggles the talkative option on or off.  When talkative is enabled,  Your pet will update you when changes happen (e.g. Sleeping, Waking from sleep,  getting pregnant, etc, settings changed etc).  When the option is disabled,  it will not.
Horses have an additional menu option:
  • Rockers.   This brings up a second menu allowing you to configure how horse rockers are born – i.e. with float text or without,  and whether they are rocking or still.  This setting only has effect on female horses,  as male horses have no care for it as they do not give birth.